Rihanna parties in London

The beautiful Rihanna was seen out and about in London exiting the exclusive Mayfair members’ hotspot The Arts Club in London, where she partied without her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jamee.  She wore a Denim chic shirt wich she teamed with a pair of matching jeans that showcased her curves.


Message of the day

Love can move mountains

Message of the day

Goodmorning world, so today the verses that catched my eyes and inspired my soul are these. Collossians 3 :12-15 To reach perfection you have to have a constant communication with God through prayers. I know that the typical kneeling down to pray or shouting in tongues can at times feel tiring and boring but to have a relationship with the Almighty God you have to communicate with him. He doesn’t want servants that worship him daily, but children that talk to him daily and have fun with him. Do not look for things of the world, abide to the commandment of God and love each other. I have a very special relationship with God. I pray to him constantly in every moment of the day. When I’m sad I get upset but then I pray and he calms me down, when I’m happy he teaches me to channel my happiness, intelligence, strength and even weakness into positive thing. Perfection does really exist and you can find it only when you reach total peace of the soul and of the mind, let go of any resentment, love each other and ask not for worldly things but for wisdom and everything else shall be added to you, like my elder brother Jesus Christ always says. I have so many people that want to be my friends, that want to get close to me but God and Jesus are my family and best friends that I chose and I have few friends because I learned that the human being that has not reached the spiritual state of peace of mind can lead you in the wrong path, kill your dreams because they have not achieved anything meaningful in life but oh how wonderful is to be daughters and sons of the Almighty God and sisters and brothers of Jesus Christ. They encourage you and they are so fun to talk to (through prayers) and I’m getting emotional now but I received the greatest gift for my birthday: pure and unconditional love and the Almighty God answered all my prayers. And I received even more that I asked and he blessed me with so any gifts. God is good ya’ll. Many of you children of God think only about being flashy or sexy and either you are too extremist meaning pretending to be holy for reasons best known to you or you then give up because you think that God is not listening to you and you go back to a negative lifestyle. But the love of wisdom, the study and understanding of the bible can open doors for you if you live like Christ. The meek, loving, sensible and sensitive son of our Creator and Protector the Almighty God to whom all glory belongs. Amen.