Beyoncé enjoys a glass of wine

Beyonce was seen enjoying a glass of wine. Well deserved after pushing out her twins.

The singer his yet to shed her post baby weight but she still look flawless.


Funny Jealous Girlfriend Jokes

But we are not just jealous we are or were in love. If u think u can play us you can bounce. Alpha females are strong, intelligent and ambitious and they don’t want just a boyfriend but a real man with a vision and a carachter that can match they own. We are successful,  funny, independent, we have a big heart and we are easily hurt. We may bend but nothing can completely break us because we learn and stand back again stronger than we were before. We are queens, resilient and unshakable. Let’s be our sister keeper. And as for the men don’t worry we don’t bite. This message goes to my Mr A. too (just joking, I love u boo).

What is Beyonce weakest point according to her Father?

So according to Matthew Knowles , Beyoncé Giselle Knowles weak point is public speaking. Many may not agree due to her charisma during her concerts but we here at E.A. INTERNATIONAL COMPANY we where already aware of this. If you watch her videos where she is being interviewed you can see her difficulties in the way she speaks. This is due to the harsh training imposed on Destiny’s Child, but especially on Beyoncé by her father Matthew. He thought her that she should appear perfect and elegant which is good but not at the cost of spontaneity. Wonder why stars like Rihanna appeal more to the masses without using gimmicks like break ups, side chick’s and giving birth ( which is a blessing even when is calculated to make profit or to rekindle the light of superstardom)? Simple because they are themselves, they are not afraid to let the world see who they really are because we are all humans and perfection is not achievable unless you have Faith and you are strong in your Prayers even then no human is perfect. Yes, we must try to be perfect and christlike in all our ways but blessed are we that we have a merciful and faithful Father who is aware of our shortcomings but instead of giving up on us He pushes us to be better every day of our life and live a godly life like His son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Have a nice day and may the Almighty God bless all His children whose name are written in the book of life. Are you among them? Remember His yoke is easy and His burden is light. You too can decide to give up your old lifestyle and live as the Son of the Almighty God taught us to live. Glory always belongs to the Almighty God: today, tomorrow and forever. Amen