Anna Ebiere looks beautiful at friend’s engagement.

The beautiful Anna Ebiere looked breathtaking at her friend’s engagement. Flavor ex girlfriend and baby mama had a wonderful day at the venue and posed for some pics.


Nana’s Chronicles

Your boyfriend may not own a car. He may not earn a lot of money. He may not live in a posh estate. He may not be able to shower you with gifts all the time. He may not have a great job. But it’s enough to know you are the ONLY ONE He has at his heart.

He has a vision. He is Honest. He is very hard-working. He is humble. He keeps that smile on your face. He talks to you every day. He actually listens to you. He always replies your messages. He tolerates you when you’re moody. His family knows you. He tells you your beautiful all the time. He sees you every chance he gets. He appreciates the tiniest things you do. He is there when you need him. He respects you. He is proud you are his…And he treats you like a queen because you are his everything and he fears to lose you.

Why ask for what he cannot afford? He may not have it all now, but one day he will…

He may not be living his dream now, but one day he will… He pictures making a family with you and he means it when he says that he loves you.

Ladies, appreciate that man in your life who strives to be all you need…. He may not be all the things you need right now but with time he will be, He will get a job, get the money, he will buy a land and he will build a house for both of you. He won’t be renting or staying at his parent’s crib forever. He will fulfill all his promises and he will be a good dad to your children. Just kindly be patient if you seriously love him. Everything will be fine between both of you. Don’t be pushed around by money and what you wanna eat now…. I pray you don’t eat up the future of your unborn children!

Ladies in the house, please help me. So my stolen emperor after me disturbing his peace of mind has agreed to marry me after threats from me. But there is a problem I told him that I want a special gift and I sent him a pic ( won’t share.. nothing sexual u bishes) telling him to imagine what gift I want. I know he loves me and he has proved it and continues to prove it despite me harrassing him daily with subtle threats but I have a little problem. I feel sorry for his wife. I tried to convince her to go and get a drink with me or have a civil relationship but she hissed at me and when I call at their house ( that soon will be mine and of my future husband Mister A. ) she tells the kids not to pick. Remember that I am a godly lady and I don’t do anything in secret consequently everyone in the church knows that we are engaged. I prayed about it and I know that as a future step-mother I have responsibilities like a mother. My issue is that I was trying to build a relationship with my stepchildren and their mother has blocked my number (the house number). My step-children are so adorable, intelligent, beautiful and fun to be with. My Mr A is financially buoyant but am I asking too much for my ring to be of pure diamond and a new phone? I know that my Father is the richest man on earth and he takes care of all my expenses but is my fiancé not supposed to shower me with gift and give me attention and not look at other ladies and not even greet them, except his immediate family members? Or am I too strict? By the way I’m still a virgin and I intend to have a child with my future husband, Mister A. (twins) and that will make me a mother of six. Am I too young to be a mother and to carry such responsibilities? Should I listen to the naysayers and leave him? 

Let me tell you fuck those bigots. I love him and I will live happily with him with the help of the Almighty and Sovereign King the Father of my elder brother Jesus Christ, the Almighty God. To my beautiful first step-child, sorry for not wishing u happy birthday on your special day and to all the 4 of you study hard because education is the key to unlock every door and obey your father and mother and respect them. I have some business deal to take care of but when I’m done I’ll move closer to you so that we can chat, laugh and make merry for there is a time for everything and this is your time to study hard, discover your talent, work hard and achieve your goals.
As for my stolen emperor a word is enough for the wise


Laugh and enjoy ur day.

By the way this is not me trying to start a controversy. I just want people to know that no matter your color, race, gender you are worthy of the love of the Almighty God

Sorry for me going mia but I’m allergic to pollen. In the hospital but I have to keep up with my work. My objective is to help and inspire and nothing can stop me but please my friends, understand that I need to rest too.


No problem is insurmountable, live life to the fullest. Cast your burdens to God and fuck the injustices. We are stronger, wiser and we bend but we do not break. My Father The Covenant Keeping God is your strength and remember that my elder brother Jesus Christ died so than we can live and enjoy our God given gift (life), no matter what you are going through keep your head high, kick ass sisters and brothers. He equipped us with talent and time. No one that wants to be a party of my Father’s (The Almighty God) Kingdom should let situations and people make them feel like they are unworthy. He loves you, do not despair, do not cry over petty shit that may seem insurmountable to you in this moment. Cast your burden to my Father, The Sovereign King and be assured that my elder brother, the King loves you.

And let me explain to you this. God is the Sovereign King because he’s the King of Kings and Jesus is King because is the heir of God and is not God that asked him to die for us. God is so loving that will never ask any of his children to die or be in pain, the real truth is that Jesus loved God so much that he felt His pain. Why God should feel pain you may ask? God is not vendicative or an angry King, In the Old Testament he had to set rules so that we may have a structure, the same way we have laws made by men but ya’ll remember that the wisdom of men is foolishness compared to the great wisdom of my Father, The Almighty God. He loves us so much that even though he had already defeated Satan and death, he felt pain for us. Ya’ll don’t get it still isn’t. Let me enlighten you, he hated that the evil loser, the devil through false prophets, pastors, bishop, ministers, priest that don’t understand anything of the bible and of life they were misleading people. My Elder brother Jesus Christ of Nazareth saw the pain in his eyes and like a son or daughter that does a sacrifice for a loving father because he/she knows that the father loves his adopted children so much but the adopted ones don’t recognize his love and he/she loves their step brother or step sister with a pure love too and he don’t want them to live a meaningless life and ruin their life, he willingly chose to go against the will of he/her father with the risk of being disowned by his/her father and leave the riches to his/her brother/sister and rather live like a beggar. Obviously the father will be against it but he can’t stop the adult son/daughter (remember that God gave everyone free will) and will try to stop him/ her but the child is so passionate about the task that he /she has set for himself because he loves his father dearly and he will rather die than see his father constantly filled with sorrow. That’s why The Sovereign King made Jesus Christ King above all the mighty and faithful angels in heaven. The rest of the losers ( the fallen angels, and if you don’t get this it means that you do not read and understand the bible, you’ve probably been indoctrinate by those human fools) are in hell and they don’t have no power. The actual devils now are does that give false explanation or modify the bible for their own gain. Are you gay? Are you in love with a married man/woman or someone in a relationship? Have you done an abortion? Let me tell you, give a middle finger to those bigots and know that God loves you. Whatever your problem may be, The Almighty God will make a way for you in every single moment only if u believe in Him and you believe that He never hated you, He already forgave you and my elder brother Jesus Christ loves you too. But recognize the might of my Father, the Almighty God. He is your Father too, he is the father of the fatherless and motherless, victim on any sort of injustice and of the brokenhearted and of the poor and rich too but only if they share they wealth and wisdom with others. Obviously always trade carefully be generous but not foolish.

And by the way why does the Pope says that he is the image of God on earth yet still he lives surrounded by riches. Even just a quarter of what the Vatican holds can save and help so many people. But I will wait for them to contact me since my number is public and they check my page daily. I see ya’ll, the stats don’t lie. Anyway I would like to have a meaningful conversation with him and have a mature conversation with him like two responsible people that love to help others. Together we can change the world. And I mean all of us, rich or poor.

Now a video that will make you think. Love you all my brothers and sisters.




The Marriage bed

uhmm, some of us don’t even know how to enjoy this sex that God has freely given to us. All this one that you people will just lock yourselves up inside the heat, close the windows, bolt the door, buy packets of condoms, drink sachets of tramadol, and still be doing it with a low voice so that your neighbors will not hear you people, untop of that you’ll still be praying that pregnancy should not arise a second time 😃😃, no rest of mind at all, please is that one sex? I will not even talk about how the devil will just be fanning away your spiritual life with his facecap, Mtcheeewww, you’re just cheating yourself and you don’t know it. 
All those ones you’re doing in your relationship and think is enjoyment is just like stealing meat from your mother’s pot, you cannot enjoy it in peace, any little footstep you’re afraid of getting caught, because you know you’re not doing it the right way. 
My dear why not just chill and wait to enjoy this thing with peace of mind when you’re married? I mean, the kind of sex where you can be doing it and be drinking coke. The kind of sex where you can freely leave the windows open and even break down your door. 😂😀😂
Let me share this secret with you,  maybe you didn’t know this yet; 

God has given us specific instructions and guidance on every area of our life, i mean EVERY AREA of our Christian life, how to worship,  how to pray,  how to seek His face, what to do about our challenges, how to treat people who love and despise us, how to do our marriage, how to love our neighbors, mehn, i mean EVERYTHING, but there’s one area that God have said nothing about, no guideline, no law, no principle, nothing,…..and that area is “THE MARRIAGE BED”.
God knows how important that bed is to our marriage, He know much we enjoy that area, that is why He didn’t put any ten commandments or heavenly constitutions around it, the Lord just removed His hand from that side and be like “you know what? do it as you please, just be enjoying yourselves, as long as both husband and wife agree”. 😂😂😂
Guys, the full excitement in sex is on the marriage bed, where there are no fears, no condemnation, or limitations. 
The kind of sex you can have on a sunday morning before rushing off to Sunday school 😀
The kind of sex that you can boldly do wearing your Scapular and your Holy Rosary. 
The kind of sex where you can use the big family Bible on the bed to support her head. 😃
The kind of sex where you don’t need condoms or performance enhancement drugs, or fear unwanted pregnancy.
The kind of sex where you don’t care if the neighbors are hearing your love hymns.
The kind of sex you can have with Hillsong and Pastor Joel Osteen’s tapes playing in the background. 
The kind of sex where the Heavens smile every time you cleave, because what they see is a Spirit exchange. 
Wait for it guys, wait for the kind of marriage where the whole house is your marriage bed, from the kitchen table to the couch, to the staircase, to the pool, to the garden, to the bedroom, and even to kissing in  church.
Wait for it, it might look tough now, but the wait is always worth it. Call or text someone and say “WAIT FOR IT!”

#ConfessionsOfAGoodMan – Mr. Abhyacintho