Beyoncé enjoys a glass of wine

Beyonce was seen enjoying a glass of wine. Well deserved after pushing out her twins.

The singer his yet to shed her post baby weight but she still look flawless.


Serena Williams is no longer in a relationship with the father of her unborn child

Good morning my dear fans.

According to my confidential sources E.A. and J.C. Serena Williams and her partner are no longer in a relationship.
They had a nasty discussion and they have parted ways. Her ex partner is adamant in building a relationship with their unborn son.

Serena wanted a child so badly and unfortunately she mistook lust and affection for love. At the end of the day this are the consequences if you don’t take time to know your partner, that’s why it’s best to keep a platonic relationship until marriage. 

Everyone who is in love wants to marry their partner. You can give yourself excuses after excuses but if a man truly loves you he will wait. I know is not easy because I too am in a no sex relationship with my fiance but with prayers and tenancy I know that we can make it.

Obviously Serena is excited about the birth of her unborn son but she loves the attention that she receives from her fans. Finally she feels like a woman. It’s understandable after being the subject of nasty comments about how she is built like a man. Now she really enjoys being pampered by her family and the attention of the public. But nudity is not the way to go. Don’t partake in the now old and redundant trend of showing yourself naked. 

A maternity shoot can be done in the tasteful way like the one above. Never seek validation from women or from men by going against your values. Is great to love fashion and we are all free to dress as we want but what does the Word of God teaches us? Christ taught us that our body is the temple of God and why should we desecrate the temple of God. Why expose yourself in such a manner? I love  fashion and I love trying different styles but ladies let us always remember the saying: A lady in the street and a freak in the sheets.😉

Here at E.A. INTERNATIONAL COMPANY we wish her and her ex partner the best and for Serena to have an easy delivery and a healthy baby boy.

Message of the day

When you put your trust in the Almighty God and in His Son Jesus Christ everything become easier. For their yoke is EASY and their burden is LIGHT. Look at the trees and animal and plants do they worry? But yet still God created them perfectly, takes care of them and feed them. 

I put my total faith in God and learned to live like Christ and I can see the result in my life. I received blessings after blessings, promotions, business opportunities, faithful friends and I did not even need to raise a hand against my enemies, my enemies now wish they did not challenge me and they wish to get close to me but as the saying says once bitten twice shy. I feel loved, saved, safe and always contented. God is good my dear fans. And only if you truly believe and have faith he will lift your burdens from your shoulder. He is such a loving God, father of everyone that follows his commandments and Jesus loves you like a sister or brother. Have a nice day